The Trouble With Ticks

Fantastic post about natural alternatives for pest prevention.

Marley Justine

Forgive me if today’s blog post seems incoherent. After finding it nearly impossible to fall asleep last night, I am absolutely exhausted this afternoon. So, why did I, a self-proclaimed “good sleeper” have so much trouble falling asleep? Because the beautiful weather indicating that spring has finally arrived came with a nasty price…

Yesterday, something caught my eye on our dining room wall. Immediately I felt sick to my stomach and found myself frozen with fear. For the second time in my life I was staring at a tick, only this time, the tick was easily four times larger and engorged with blood. Having learned a couple of years ago that ticks are almost impossible to squish, I didn’t waste any time – I grabbed the vacuum, removed the tick from the wall and had Tom dispose of the vacuum bag in the outdoor garbage can. But here’s the thing…

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When “come” means “run”! 3 ways to make your recall meaningful.

Some great recall training tips in this article from!

In the twilight of the last few evenings while taking Zac out to stretch his legs I’ve bumped into a lovely 12-month old Kelpie X, Flash, and his owner. I know the dog’s name is Flash because it gets called a lot across the oval. Everybody knows his name, except apparently for Flash himself.

The owner loves his dog, there’s no doubt about that, but is exasperated by the fact that he won’t come when called or bring the Frisbee back that has been thrown.

Personally, I think that two of the hardest things to teach your dog is to come when called or to walk on a loose lead. I say this not to make people give up teaching this – but to realise that these behaviours are a lot harder to teach than a sit or a down and therefore require a different approach.

When your dog is…

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Rescue Group Denies Foster Family’s Request to Adopt


Kaiya at home with her family, including her photobomb cat, as shown on the WOWT website. Kaiya at home with her family, including her photobomb cat, as shown on the WOWT website.

Most readers are probably familiar with the term “foster fail”, used to describe the situation which arises when an owner intends to provide a temporary foster home for a pet in need but ends up falling in love with the animal and deciding he can’t part with the pet.  It happens a lot, primarily because foster owners tend to be compassionate animal lovers and the heart doesn’t always fall in line with the head.  It’s a win for the pet since, instead of adjusting to a foster family then being placed in a strange home environment with a permanent adopter, she gets to stay with the family to whom she has already grown attached.  And it’s a win for the rescue group since it’s one less pet in need of advertising, transporting to adoption…

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The Orion Resolution

More toys resolution! We can get behind that!

♛League of the UnSane☠

More hikes with more dogs.

Our friends Erika & Orion went out for a hike with us today.

The LOTU guys were totally excited to show their small blue friend Orion all the important stuff.

True showed him ball at the beach. Orion totally speaks tennis ball.theballguys2January 07, 2015theballguysJanuary 07, 2015True gave the ball to Orion, eventually. True says sharing is caring. Orion says BALLriballJanuary 07, 2015riandtruebeachJanuary 07, 2015The brotherhood of the ball.torgreensJanuary 07, 2015

Roy had a moment with the doll head on a broken stick that Erika found. I really don’t know what to say.
dollheadJanuary 07, 2015

Zero showed Orion secret pathways

orzerinthetreesJanuary 07, 2015

Blue dogs go up
scrambleJanuary 07, 2015

and blue dogs come down
contactsJanuary 07, 2015

Roy showed Orion that staring is caring. rockerroyJanuary 07, 2015Good choice here Orion.staredownJanuary 07, 2015

zerofriendsJanuary 07, 2015

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My New Year’s Resolution

Lovely thoughts about approaching a new year.

Dogpaddling Through Life

Sometimes I wonder if it was fate that brought me to Rumpy, or mere chance. 

Food? My favorite subject! Were we meant to be together? 

He and I are nothing alike. I’d describe us as polar opposites.

He is beautiful, while I am rather plain.

He is fearless, and looks forward to whatever the next adventure brings. I am a worry wort.

Rumpy is a “glass is half-full” kinda dog, while I see the glass and panic about where I’ll get more water.

This is where some of you will quit reading, and write pat comments about how nice I am, or whatever. Please don’t, because this is not a post where I am fishing for compliments. What you think of me really doesn’t matter, does it? It’s what I think of myself that counts.

So why AM I writing this post? Because it’s time to make resolutions for the new year, and I’ve been thinking about…

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