The Trouble With Ticks

Fantastic post about natural alternatives for pest prevention.

Marley Justine

Forgive me if today’s blog post seems incoherent. After finding it nearly impossible to fall asleep last night, I am absolutely exhausted this afternoon. So, why did I, a self-proclaimed “good sleeper” have so much trouble falling asleep? Because the beautiful weather indicating that spring has finally arrived came with a nasty price…

Yesterday, something caught my eye on our dining room wall. Immediately I felt sick to my stomach and found myself frozen with fear. For the second time in my life I was staring at a tick, only this time, the tick was easily four times larger and engorged with blood. Having learned a couple of years ago that ticks are almost impossible to squish, I didn’t waste any time – I grabbed the vacuum, removed the tick from the wall and had Tom dispose of the vacuum bag in the outdoor garbage can. But here’s the thing…

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